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At Air Apparent our 20 years experience in the coastal area has allowed us to improve on tried and true methods to extend the life and efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Our “Royal Treatment” annual service will provide peace of mind in knowing your heating and cooling system is receiving the best possible personal attention so it performs when you need it to.

At Air Apparent we provide quality HVAC installation at reasonable prices. We also service all brand and models of HVAC equipment.

Our Royal Treatment annual service program tune-up includes:
(preformed in the Spring & Fall)

  1. Check refrigerant pressures and adjust to current conditions (includes up to 1lb refrigerant per year)
  2. Brush & clean indoor coil when accessible
  3. Brush & Clean blow wheel and housing
  4. Power flush condensate removal piping
  5. Clean condensate pump where necessary
  6. Clean & sanitize indoor unit exterior
  7. Verify high and low voltage integrity
  8. Verify proper airflow and adjust for max production
  9. Verify systems capacitor within range
  10. Verify proper fan motor operation
  11. Verify proper compressor operation
  12. Rinse & sanitize heat pump (water must be within 50 ft)

Also receive priority service with no overtime and holiday rates for systems in the program and written reports and recommendations with each visit!


Get all of this for only $265 per system!
tax included

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